Apple, UK and cloud gaming

manzanamore specifically iOS and the app storehe isThey have been in the eyes of the regulators for quite some time, who anxiously monitor the closed ecosystem of Apple’s operating system for their devices. Slowly but surely, we see how investigations are opened, sometimes at the behest of other companies and on other occasions by regulators themselves, that spell the end of exclusivity and absolute control over what happens in the App Store.

Surely you will remember that at that time, GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud and Stadia have considered bringing their apps to the App Store, so that users can access these services from the iPhone. However, Apple has claimed that it has the power to exercise moderation on titles accessible through the platform. Something that doesn’t seem to make sense, since these games always run in the cloud, not on the device, so it’s not clear why Cupertino would play that card.

As a result, the App Store was closed to applications to access these services, which prompted the three companies behind them, namely NVIDIA, Microsoft and Google, to take a step towards the accelerator in designing web versions of services, so that iOS users can access them. to get it. Personally, I never understood that making Fortnite playable again on iOS thanks to GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud had some payoff from both technologies.

Be that way, as long as we can Read the press releaseUK Competition and Markets Authority (ACM) Apple wants to open the doors of the App Store to cloud gaming. The regulator is conducting an investigation on mobile platforms, with Apple and Google in the spotlight, as to whether the conditions they impose on their operating systems act as a brake on free competition and, therefore, on the development of associated technologies.

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The research also pertains to browsers on both Android and iOS platforms, which according to research by ACM account for 97% of all mobile browsing in the UK in 2021. In this regard, we must remember that for a web browser to be accepted in the App Store, Apple forces it to use the Safari engine, thus vetoing developments based on Chromium and other alternatives.

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