Apple removes Wordle apps supported by confused users

Apple Inc. removed. Several Wordle games have been removed from their own app store after users thought it was another word game made famous by Jimmy Fallon and other celebrities.

As of Wednesday, it appears that the only product left in the App Store with this title is Wordle! , a time-based game created by Steven Kravota over five years ago. Apple confirmed the change to Bloomberg.

Wordle games have started appearing on the App Store in recent weeks, backed by a select version popularized by artists. Created in October by former Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle, it is available to play once a day on its website and has no app for mobile users.

But games of the same name have proliferated in the App Store. Downloads Wordle in Kravot! It rose to nearly 40,000 in the week of January 1, up 850% from the previous week, according to mobile data and analytics company App Annie. It reached the top ten among all word games in seven countries and was #1 among word games in Ireland as of January 8. Wordl! It is currently #4 among Word games on the US App Store.

Likewise, What Word – Wordle, released on iOS last week, gained nearly 20,000 downloads worldwide in the week of January 1. It reached the top 10 among all word games in 14 countries on iOS and ranked 1 among word games in the UK. Iceland and the Netherlands as of January 8, according to App Annie. It seems that this game is no longer available on the US App Store.

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