Apple is once again extending the free period for TV + to all users who activated the free year

an Apple he decided Get a wider cover with your free offer on Apple TV + for a year, Extend it until July 2021. If you activated the promotion when purchasing a new Apple device since September 2019, you will finally get 21 months of promotion.

It’s the second time Apple has extended this free period. I already did in OctoberAnd, as it is now, it is expandable to include everyone who has purchased a new product from the company. Those who don’t continue to get a free week, and then start paying 4.99 € per month for the service.

Nearly 2 years of Apple TV + free for loyal users

If you are on this free period You don’t have to do anything, This new extension will be applied to you automatically. You will definitely receive an email within the next two weeks informing you of this. You can always see its status from the “Subscriptions” section of your Apple ID preferences. You can see it in Settings> Your Name on an iPhone or iPad, or in System Preferences> Apple ID on a Mac.

The reasons behind this new extension can be multiple, and it depends on usage stats that Apple TV + subscribers may have. Maybe between now and July 2021, we’ll have some important firsts In the catalog (see you, Corporation), And in Cupertino they want to relate All of us are under promotion to incentivize us to pay later. Whatever their reasons, it is estimated that they would take this gesture in times of pandemic and confinement.

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