Apple could “split the App Store in two” in Europe in the coming weeks

Those from Cupertino are already preparing to make adjustments to the EU App Store to comply with the Digital Markets Act.

The App Store in the EU will change starting in March

According to the most Final report by Mark Gorman, Those from Cupertino are preparing to split the App Store into two parts. Due to European Union requirements, The App Store will allow downloads of other apps and third-party stores only in European territories.

We'll discover a new app store in March

Apple prepares to comply With the Digital Markets Act to be implemented to avoid antitrust measures. Amendments must be implemented no later than March 7. There are about 7 weeks left for those arriving from Cupertino to comply with EU demands.

App Store

The App Store is present on 5 different devices

The issues and controversies involving one of the world's most valuable companies have attracted more than enough attention, and a questioning view of the competition to… Don't allow other developers to be part of the Apple App Store. Topics Unfair commissions, terms and more factors Until the last minute, they made a decision that seemed beyond Apple's ability to fulfill and implement in the near future.

Apple and other technology companies are under constant scrutiny

Let us remember that last week, Margrethe Vestager traveled to the United States to speak with the leaders of several technology companies. She was received by Tim Cook at Apple Park. The Technology Commissioner explained that Apple should allow users to install third-party app stores and install apps.

App store logo

Apple confirms that App Store alternatives on iPhone will arrive soon

Another issue is that developers will be able to promote their offers outside of the App Store as well as allowing third-party payment systems. The App Store will operate differently in Europe in a few weeks.

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Apple Music has also been analyzed in antitrust cases since February of last year. The issue relates to an ad subscription issue affecting developers. The complaint made by Spotify is simply that users cannot find out about other subscription alternatives outside of the app.

The subject of study is completely related to cyber security

After the launch of the new App Store in Europe, Several analysts and cybersecurity experts will monitor the process. Specifically at Bloomberg, Margrethe Vestager was questioned about the risks involved in opening third-party stores in a closed ecosystem like Apple's.

He quickly concluded by saying that safety is paramount but equal for all competitors. The Commissioner met with the CEOs of Qualcomm, Google and Intel. Is Apple really exposing itself to uncontrollable risks? March will be very interesting because it could coincide with Apple's first event of the year and the people from Cupertino could take the time to explain how the App Store will work from that point on.

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