Anyone listed in the UK already owns a piece of historic Bolton

everyone Listed in the UK He already owns part of the Bolton Wanderers, England’s historic team. namely that the British Government, as part of one of its development plans, Invest in the company that bought the equipment In 2019, taxpayers are, in a way, now part of one Founders English football.

This is due to an initiative by British treasure To invest in companies that generate losses, but have Long-term growth prospects. That is, they need the money now and can pay it back in the future. In the latest batch of investments by the government, he was one of the winners football projects (eggs), who took control of Bolton in 2019.

This company is one of 108 The government joined its project this week, the Financial Times revealed, and it is completing a catalog 265 companies in which the treasury invested.

The goal of this fund, which was created in May 2020 to solve the economic problems of companies during the pandemic, is to provide funds “startup” And companies that are trying to innovate in their various activities. Included in this new wave of injection funds is also Tote, a chain of cafes and clothing companyfor example.

As Bolton himself explained, investment by the state represents a 8% of the club.

This money is an important support for Bolton, who has been playing not so long ago in Premier League and Europe. The 2011-2012 season was the last in the Bolton elite, which he values ​​in his record Four FA Cups, Before financial problems plunge the team. They came to go down in 2019 to Second League (Fourth English Division), the same year they declared bankruptcy. Football Ventures (Egg) bought the club in August 2019 and Save him from disappearing.

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This season Bolton is fifteenth in First League (English third tier).

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