Anya Taylor Joy Sum el canto “Last Night in Soho”

actress Anya Taylor JoyWhich captured the audience with the series Netflix Mrs.’s gambit, part of the new horror movie by Edgar Wright, “Last Night in Soho”, next to Thomasin McKenzie, which will be released on October 29 in the UK and after that will have its global distribution.

The film shows a young woman with a passion for fashion design who is “transported to 1960s London, where she meets her idol, a stunning aspiring singer. However, in those years and in that city nothing is as it seems and time begins to crumble into shadow sequels.”

But also, the actress who lived in Buenos Aires, because her father is Argentine, was also called to explain the subject of the film. Share it on their networks.

It’s not every day they ask you to sign up Different versions of a popular song. It was the sounds of the ’60s that first made me fall in love with music, so I was really happy when Edgar asked me to try it. Enjoy the song “Downtown (Downtempo)” from the movie’s soundtrack. The single is already available and you can pre-order the soundtrack on Friday at actress wrote.

They also make up the cast Matt Smith (the crown), Diana Reg (recently deceased), Terence Stamp, Jesse May Lee, Rita Touchingham, Michael Ajao, Svenvi Carlsen and Margaret Nolan.

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