Antonio Conte shoots the Prime Minister over the Covid-19 outbreak

The product of the expansion of the Omicron variant in the UK, There are 13 matches that have been suspended due to the coronavirus cases presented by the various English football teams. That is why the Premier League has taken various measures to reduce the number of cases, including prioritizing the vaccination of players and fans who want to enter the stadium.

However, the management of the Premier League by these outbreaks in clubs has caused a sea of ​​criticism from coaches. Among those who raised his voice was Tottenham coach Antonio Conte, who revealed that they met the leaders, but the expected results did not materialize.

It was like talking to a wall. I have to be honest I think it was a meeting where we tried to talk, but everything was decided. The meeting was a waste of time, when you have a wall in front of you you can talk and ask but decisions have been made.” The Italian coach incurred in the press conference preceding the duel with Crystal Palace.

In addition, Conte stressed that it is necessary to take care of the physical condition of the players. “It’s not easy for teams to play after just one day off. You have to handle the situation well because there is a risk of losing players due to injuries. You have to be careful.” claimed.

Let’s remember that Tottenham were one of the first teams affected by this new format, in fact, as a result of these injuries, they suspended their Conference League match and were eliminated from the competition.

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Tottenham will play their Boxing Day match, at the moment, against Crystal Palace, on Sunday afternoon.

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