Another way of movement in Panama elects a board of directors (+ photos)

Sunday’s founding congress would be another step so that the party in formation – of the four on the isthmus – could enter the race to the Palacio de las Garzas (the seat of the executive) within two years, its organizers indicated.

About 300 delegates would decide the main authorities between the two sides, one led by Ricardo Lumbana; The other is by Giovanna Graziadi.

In the afternoon, the official results of the vote will be announced so that over 46,000 registered supporters and the media can learn about MOCA’s new direction and projects for the next five years.

For the Chairman of the Election Commission, Jorge Conte, the organic and voluntary nature of the registrants filled the process with satisfaction and optimism for what was to come.

It also shed light on the commitment, respect and enthusiasm shown by hundreds of activists in all governorates in the internal stage, which was characterized by the absence of scandals and political favoritism, unlike what usually happens in other groups.

Once the agreement is in place, the Electoral Tribunal (TE) will have up to 30 days to recognize MOCA as a legally constituted party, after which it will authorize the reopening of its registry books.

Eight recognized political organizations in Panama, including the ruling Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD), with the largest number of registered members (693,629), followed by Cambio Democrático (290,217).

They also include the liberal republican nationalist movement (Molerina), the Popular Party, the Panaminista, Alianza, País, and Recognizing the Goals.

Among the other organizations that are being formed, according to statistics from the highest electoral body, are the Broad Front for Democracy (FAD), the Tourista Revolutionary Party and Relevo.

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