Another massacre trial awaits Peru’s ex-governor amnesty

Operation Suspended refers to the killing of six civilians in 1992 in Barranca province, north of the Lima region, by the Collina Group, a military detachment responsible for the killing of real or alleged terrorists.

The same illegal group committed the two massacres, for which Fujimori was sentenced to 25 years in prison, the same punishment the prosecutor had requested in the pending case at the start of the trial.

Sources from the Public Prosecution Office confirmed the intention to ask the judiciary to prevent Fujimori from leaving the country.

One of Fujimori’s lawyers, Elio Rira, and the daughter of prisoner and neo-liberal leader, Keiko Fujimori, confirmed that their father had no plans to travel abroad, adding that the former president’s defense would oppose the potential request, without explaining why.

After the irregular amnesty was rescinded and revived this week by the Constitutional Court, the judiciary also overturned a so-called “right of honor” that had sought to annul the pending trial over the massacre in Barranca territory.

On that occasion, the judge declared that grace “contradicts the duties to investigate, prosecute and punish serious violations of human rights, and is also a measure, as we have analyzed, clearly inconsistent with the fundamental rights protected by our Constitution.”

The massacre to be judged occurred on January 29, 1992, and the head of the Collina group, Major Santiago Martin Rivas, and several members of the illegal detachment, tortured and shot dead John Calderon, Toribio Ortiz, Philandro Castillo and Pedro Aguero. Ernesto Arias and Cesar Rodriguez.

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Details were reported to the prosecution in the case by military officer Jorge Ortiz, who took part in the massacre and pointed to Fujimori’s responsibility, acknowledging that the Kolina group relied on a chain of command composed of the then-army chief, presidential advisor Vladimiro Montesinos and Fujimori.

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