Another appears in the UK

In recent years, a phenomenon has puzzled people around the world: LThe sudden appearance of steel monoliths In remote and surprising places. And in Catalonia there was one On the Costa Brava; also Another was seen in Segovia.

The latest sighting occurred on a hill in Gale, where a group of hikers found a mysterious steel block last weekend Three meters high on the top of Hay Bluff hillIn the Welsh county of Powys, local media reported. This is the fifth object of this type found in the United Kingdom, according to the LADbible portal.

This is the latest in a series of similar sightings that have occurred in Britain and the United States in recent years. These mysterious things attract hundreds of Instagram users and TikTokers who seek to spread on social media.

It all started in 2020 when… Similar structures have appeared in California and Utah. After many speculations and rumors spread that they might be extraterrestrial objects, it turned out that they were the work of a group of artists called “The Most Famous Artist” based in New Mexico.

Later, in 2021, another Turkey appeared, but after a few days of mystery it was revealed that it had been set up by the country's government with the aim of generating expectations for a new space programme. Similar objects can be observed in countries such as Romania and Ukraine. They have already been seen on British territory on the Isle of Wright and in the Somerset region of England.

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