Annual Conference | The Labor Party promises multi-million dollar investments to revive the British economy

he labor Party On Monday, the British government revealed some of its messages to try to stimulate the The exhausted economy Subordinate United kingdom. In a speech addressed to cheerful militancy At the party’s annual conferenceeconomic speaker, Rachel ReevesHe strongly attacked the conservative government and promised to win it over Infrastructure investments And in strategic sectors to enhance growth, at a time when families are suffering the brunt of the crisis Effects of inflation High interest rates on their mortgages.

“Today we are far behind our counterparts in terms of investment private sector As a percentage of GDP, with spending tens of billions of pounds less New machines And new infrastructure,” Reeves lamented. “Under our leadership we will once again reach… Investment to GDP ratio Which we had with the last Labor government. We will catch up with our competitors, he added 50 billion pounds “We invest in our GDP every year,” said Reeves, who promised to create a public investment fund to boost public-private cooperation.

Less bureaucracy

The party presented itself as the only one capable of “Rebuilding the country After what they consider 13 years of disastrous economic policies of the Conservative government. Among its proposals is to give city councils greater flexibility to do so Construction of social housing And eliminate part of Bureaucracy In implementation Commercial projects Dedicated to energy transformation and digital transformation, such as building battery manufacturing factories, developing wind farms, or implementing 5G technology. “the Decision deadlines To implement national infrastructure increased by 65%, up to four years on average. Reeves promised that this would change with Labour.

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In addition to granting greater facilities to attract investment, there are promises to Effective management of public spending If he wins the next elections. The party’s economic spokesman promised to reduce the amounts allocated to advisors and assistants and announced the formation of a fact-finding committee Investigating fraud cases In providing aid and subsidies during the period pandemic. It is a fraud that the party refrains from 7.2 billion pounds (8.3 billion euros), only 2% of which was recovered.

“We will do whatever it takes Get money back From taxpayers, take the fraudsters to court and recover every cent of public money, which belongs to services such as Health or police“, Reeves said to applause from the audience. The party also announced new measures in labor affairs, such as implementing a. Minimum wage commensurate with the cost of livingprohibition Zero hours contracts.where the employee does not have the minimum number of hours allocated and lacks rights such as paid vacations, or Eliminate the pay gap Between men and women. “The position of Secretary of the Treasury [ministro de Finanzas] It has been around for 800 years, but no woman has held the position until now. “I hope to address you at our next conference as the first female Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom.”

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