Announcing an investment of more than $118 million in Guatemala

According to the portfolio, it represents $118.15 million as a result of the central government’s efforts in the business attraction strategy.

The total of these initiatives represents 87.1 percent more than what was reported in February 2021, Mineco identified through the National Competitiveness Program (Pronacom). Two of the investments focus on the diversified manufacturing sector and another four cover the tourism, service, food and beverage and energy sectors, Brunacom officials said.

In the opinion of Karen de Leon, head of this program, these successes are in line with “the promotion of softlanding and aftercare services, which are provided in a tailored way to different investors in order to take advantage of the window of opportunity that Guatemala deserves for its geographical location.”

According to de Leon, this country provides the necessary confidence to companies as a result of the inter-institutional work between the public and private sectors promoted by the government program “Guatemala does not stop”.

He explained that the goal for this year is to generate $1.5 billion in new investment and reinvestment, about 1,941 new jobs.

The official explained that $243.03 million had already been accumulated between January and February.

He added that this means that about 1,941 new jobs will be created, citing manufacturing, as well as apparel and textiles, as competitive sectors with installed capacity.

The country remains – for sure – attractive due to its geographical and strategic location, as well as its proximity to important markets around the world, which will allow us to attract more advanced sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and electronic devices.

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He also referred to the industries of BPO and ITO (outsourcing of services related to the management of resources, services and personnel through an external company in the case of the former, and the latter when it comes to information technology).

He noted that the latter is critical for the company to go beyond its own capabilities.

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