Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ next update will keep us playing for years – Nintenderos

After the last Animal Crossing Direct game, a lot of news came Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These include the return of expected characters such as Marilyn, Captain or Figaro And other free and paid content.

Arrival like The amount of news including The expected return of the characters From other titles, new Decoration options Focus on both indoors and outdoors, and new options for activities on the island such as group stretching and even New Objects and Neighbors Make time that we can allocate from November 5 update increase exponentially.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise

But without a doubt the biggest news of Animal Crossing Direct was undoubtedly the new expansion of Pay Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise. In the new archipelago we will be able to design the perfect vacations for neighbours. This fact presents us with an infinite number of different customization options.

During the presentation of the DLC we were shown Other options for decoration design and construction Which neighbors can use after they are finished as NSSchool, hospital, or restaurant This increases the time we can allocate to the address.

Due to the large number of Quality of life adjustments And the way this update changes Personalization From both the interiors of homes and from the exteriors of the islands, it is very likely that fans will be able to play for many years.

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