Angry Birds returns to mobile in style: no ads or micropayments

The legendary Angry Birds game is back on Android and iOS with no ads or in-app payments.

With Over 400 million downloads since its launch, Angry birds It was one of the most downloaded mobile game in history. The classic version of the legendary saga disappeared from the main app stores in 2019, to make way for new installments of the Angry Birds Championship.

Currently, Angry Birds Classic is back mark 10th AnniversaryIt can now be downloaded again to enjoy the dozens of levels that the legendary Rovio game has to offer.

Angry Birds Classic is the legendary, slightly revamped Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds Classic lands on Google Play with an updated graphics engine

As the developers company itself has been involved, Angry Birds Classic It is the remastered version of the original game, with extension graphics engine Unity instead of the proprietary engine used by the original title.

His idea is that Provide the closest experience possible To that title released in 2012, with Performance and gameplay improvements Thus creating a “more sustainable platform”, which can run even on the latest hardware.

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The The game is priced at 0.99 €On Google Play and App Store. game no Contains ads of any kindIt does not contain paid items to unlock: not even items in the original version of the game require purchase.

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