Andy Ruiz underwent successful knee surgery. He will be back in the ring in December

Andy Ruiz hasn’t had full mobility in his right knee for about three years, so he underwent surgery with Dr. Carlos Lomelli, the same doctor who treated Canelo Alvarez last April (Image: Instagram/@andy_destroyer13)

Heavyweight boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. underwent knee surgery this Tuesday in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The intervention was successful It would only take a maximum of three months for the fighter to get back on the ropes.

Mexican-American boxer I had a problem with my right knee for more than three yearsWhich did not allow him to be fully mobile and in a lot of pain after very intense workouts. In this regard, the boxer’s father Mr. Andy Ruiz Sr. mentioned in an interview with ESPN:

“They had surgery on his right knee, he had that knee for about three years, he wasn’t able to run much, he wasn’t able to do certain movements, he used gel so as to relieve the pain, but recently it wasn’t enough and he made a decision The operation, which was arthroscopic, was performed by the same doctor who performed the operation in Canelo, Pedro Lomelli “

Andy Ruiz took a win last May.  (Photo: Twitter @BoxingInsider)
Andy Ruiz took a win last May. (Photo: Twitter @BoxingInsider)

Regarding the date of the next boxer fight, Ruiz Sr. stated: “He gave us hope that he will be back in December. Same physical trainer, the doctor told us that if all goes well now, there is this possibility, But we will see when the moment comes. Now we are happy that the surgery went well.”

So we can see The destructive Back in action in December, remembering that In May, the heavyweight boxer defeated fellow Mexican-American Chris Areola By unanimous decision in Carson, California. In a fight with good flashes of the born in the same fight condition, because despite falling on the canvas in the second round, he was able to recover and beat Arreola in the final scores.

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I am looking for a team in 2020 Canillo Alvarez, that fight was the premiere of Andy Ruiz training with Eddie Renoso Jr and all Caneloo team. This helped him lose more than 40 kilos and Significantly improved Regarding boxing style, technique and waist movement.

Andy Ruiz has established an excellent friendship with the best fighter in the world, Saúl Canelo Álvarez.  (Photo: Twitter @ superlidermx)
Andy Ruiz has established an excellent friendship with the best fighter in the world, Saúl Canelo Álvarez. (Photo: Twitter @ superlidermx)

He completely rebuilt his career, which She looked lost after a meteoric rise by surprisingly winning all four heavyweight titles In June 2019 by Anthony Joshua And their loss in less than 6 months in a rematch against the American boxer.

This is what happened to the Mexican boxer Severe depression Which made him lock himself up for months, and broke all of his relationship with his former coach, Manny Robles:

“It’s crazy how, when you’re at the top, everyone is with you supporting you. But when you lose, a lot of people get distracted. It was the lowest point. When I lost, I just wanted to sit under my bed and hide and eat Cheerios” Andy Ruiz told Mailsport

Let’s remember that Andy Ruiz He is the first Mexican-born boxer to win a heavyweight titleWith this achievement The destructive Soon he lost his mind with the help of rapid fame, parties and wholesale alcohol.

Now, with a completely different path and with his character being restructured Supported by Canelo Alvarez and his team, Andy Ruiz searches for first catalog fights to try once again to be the best pound-for-pound heavyweight for the sport.

Andy Ruiz commented on his upcoming rivals on the Mike Tyson Podcast.  (Photo: Instagram / @andy_destroyer13)
Andy Ruiz commented on his upcoming rivals on the Mike Tyson Podcast. (Photo: Instagram / @andy_destroyer13)

In an interview on the podcast of former world champion Mike Tyson, Andy Ruiz commented that among the possibilities of his upcoming fights Cuban Luis Ortiz, After the Caribbean boxer commented in an interview with TUDN: “(Andy Ruiz) He’s a cheek, he’s a fat sucker, I don’t like to offend but he’s a crying baby.”

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Or look for a match against British superstar Dillian White:There is also Dillian (White) from the UK. “The truth is that there are many good competitors,” Ruiz Jr. commented on the programme. or too Looking for a match against Charles Martinwho speculated that it might happen in October of this year, before announcing his intervention. Ironically, Martin is coached by his former coach, Manny Robles.

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