Andy Polo can enter the United States and play in the 2024 Copa America, but he will pay a fine due to a legal issue.

Andy Polo can enter the United States and play in the 2024 Copa America, but he will pay a fine due to a legal issue.

Jorge Fossati held a conference last Thursday, May 24, where he shared the main news Peru team He will play friendly matches on FIFA date against Paraguay and El Salvador, and what follows Copa America 2024. There is only less than a month left until the new edition of the most important tournament on the continent begins, in which he will make his first official appearance at the helm of the team. “two-tone”.

During the press conference held at Fedina Stadium, the Uruguayan coach presented the list of foreign teams that will participate in the preparatory matches next June. A few days later, he will do the same thing with the team’s players League 1Because national clubs will still compete in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, some injuries may occur.

In this list of football players active in the local environment, there are many confirmed names, including one Andy Polo. The 29-year-old has found his place on the pitch as a right winger and is experiencing the best moment of his career, having been important for Universitario in both Peruvian and international tournaments.

Moreover, the former Monarcas of Morelia has that to his advantage Fossati And his face is inor“And, as if that wasn’t enough, the same “They shared” It was he who reinvented it in his new position. For this reason, its existence is almost certain. It even has an advantage in competing against Luis AdvinculaBecause the latter was injured in the last duel Boca Juniors.

Andy Polo was the main figure in Jorge Fossati’s first match as Peruvian coach, providing two assists in the win over Nicaragua – Credits: Getty Images.

Regarding football, there is no doubt, but there are other non-sporting issues that have raised doubts. Andy Polo has been denounced by his ex-partner for domestic assault in the US When he was still a player Portland Timbers Subordinate Major League Soccer (MLS). This accusation caused his departure from the aforementioned club and later his signing for “U”.

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As a result of this issue, a possible player ban has been reported ‘generous’ To enter the North American country. Something that was recently eliminated. Of course, if you travel to Copa America 2024that would put it at risk Disbursing a sum of money for your judicial order.

In the words of journalist Alonso Contreras, on the program “De Fútbol Se Habla Así” on DirecTV, the complainant’s lawyer wants to “localize” her case in the states where the team will play. “white-red”. This is for the purpose of doing so If Polo receives a salary or prize in the CONMEBOL competition And paying taxes, the said amount will be withheld as Compensation of $600,000 was imposed by the judiciary.

He added: “He can enter the United States, and he will not be imprisoned or arrested. What he is doing is civil and not criminal. He added: “It is an economic punishment, as long as he has assets in the United States, which he does not have, and that is why his former partner’s lawyer wants to circulate the case in all states.” In which the Peruvian team will play. He has a kind of group. I finish.

The player can travel with the Peruvian national team to the United States, but he will pay a fine. (Direct TV)

There are 26 players who will represent Peru in the tournament Copa America 2024. Taking into account the number of classes and the system used before Jorge Fossati, Andy Polo He will have two rivals for his position. They will be about to Luis Advincula And Oliver Son. The former will have enough due to his recent injury, while the latter is having a good moment after becoming Danish Cup champion with Silkeborg.

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