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Operating system mobile phones It is compatible with many applications in the Google Play Store, such as: the application that allows you to turn on the flashlight by shaking the device, or the platform that is able to block your applications with a security pattern; However, there is one that offers you incredible 3D wallpapers, it means that they are images with a 3D visual effect, how can I get them? Now we will explain.

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It’s an app called Forest Live Wallpaper, available at Android, and to use it, you do not need to sign up or make any payments, although it also has a premium version. The free version offers you a great list of stunning 3D, HD and 4K images that you can use as wallpaper, and it’s also not complicated to manipulate, as it has a very simple interface.

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  • First, download the Forest Live Wallpaper app, tap to get it quickly.
  • Now, open the app and give it the necessary permissions so that it can work.
  • You will automatically get a carousel with different backgrounds.
  • Press the “Download” or “Download” button to save your favorite photos.
  • The next step is to click on “Set wallpaper”, here you can see the wallpaper in full size.
  • Finally, on the top right, click on “Set as wallpaper”.
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Ready, you already have the holographic wallpaper, if you want to remove it, you don’t need to uninstall the app, just replace it with another image you like.

How to take a long exposure photo with Android

Long exposure photography is a technique used by professional photographers, where they set a very slow shutter speed so that more light enters the camera. Basically, the indicated technique combines static and moving elements to create an artistic and visually different image; In addition, you can also do this with your smartphone AndroidSo, follow the steps that we will refer to below.

  • Check your phone’s camera Android You have the professional mode or the manual mode, if so, turn it on.
  • Only some mid-range and high-end smartphones have this function.
  • Now, the shutter speed should be high, 10-15 seconds max, remember that the slower the shutter speed, the more light will enter the camera.
  • The ISO will depend a lot on where you are, in general it should be low, so try the options.
  • Focus on the place or thing you want to photograph, to start we recommend the road, because the cars and their lights are in constant motion.
  • Take the picture but, don’t move the cell phone at all, the phone should remain completely still until the process is finished, which will last between 10 and 15 seconds.
  • If the mobile phone is not stable, the image is likely to be distorted or blurred.

Ready, this is how you get a long exposure photo, if it doesn’t show up the first time, try adjusting the ISO until you find the perfect effect, it’s a matter of testing because it will also depend a lot on where you are and the light around you.

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