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Prepare your day with a pleasant surprise. Apple and Google via internal control Department And androidThey offer promotions to get premium apps at no cost. Although some free apps have ads, you can now buy higher quality apps without paying. Let’s take a look at what September 10, 2023 has to offer today.

the App Store And Google Apps From time to time they release paid applications as a gift. The best? If you download it during these promotions, it will remain yours forever. You just need to add it to your account and you can enjoy it anytime without spending an extra penny. Say goodbye to the days when expensive apps were a pipe dream!

Do not miss this unique opportunity and follow the links to start downloading the applications that interest you the most. Take advantage of these offers and fill yourself with premium apps without affecting your pocket. It’s time to get the most out of your mobile phone!

Free paid apps for Android

  • ( $0.99 ) : Seeing how phones are now equipped with fast charging technology makes using live wallpapers even more fun. Keep in mind that live wallpapers will certainly reduce your battery life by one level, but for a live wallpaper of celestial bodies, you might lose yourself looking at them!
  • ( $10.99) : This app works on both mobile devices and laptops, and lets you take pictures in really creative ways!
  • ( $14.99) : Do you find it difficult to sleep at night after a particularly difficult day at the office? This app will play relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep in dreamland as soon as possible.
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Free paid apps for iOS

  • ( $0.99 ): Produce more attractive, fun and absolutely stunning photos with this app.
  • ( $1.99 ): One of the fastest ways to make money fast is through property flipping. However, it can also be very dangerous as it is a high risk venture. This app helps calculate the return on investment for launches.
  • ( $8.99 ): Do you own a Tesla? Would you like to try this third party app that claims to track and keep track of your Tesla?
  • ( $3.99 ): Protect your privacy with this app, as all your notes are password protected and biometric security, not to mention the ability to organize your notes into folders.

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