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You don’t have internet or data on ? . Existing devices From now on, they have a series of noteworthy functions, such as the ability to activate touches on the screen of your mobile phone, as well as access to applications and decide what permissions we give them.

Have you ever run out of internet on the street and never been close to Wi-Fi? Well this is no longer a problem, because our devices can have free data as long as we have a friend close to us and we stay with him as long as we are offline.

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How to get free internet when you run out of data and no WIFI

  • Well, the only thing your friend has to do is to enter the settings.
  • There you should go to Mobile Networks or Telecom.
  • In this section you will see the “Personal Wi-Fi Zone” or the “Network Tethering” function.
  • Tell your friend now to activate it.
  • A wifi network will be created with the name of your device.
  • There you can also see the password for the Wi-Fi network.
This way you can share your internet as wifi. Try it out in case you have another line or a friend close to you. (Photo: mag)
  • It should be noted that you can also select the mobile phones that you want or do not want to connect.
  • If you see strange networks, you can restrict their access to your data network.
  • Remember that the Wi-Fi emitted by the cell phone is not as strong as the Wi-Fi network at home, so you should stay almost next to the person so that the connection is not lost.

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