Android apps that can steal your information

  • Android has more than 3 billion devices in the world, according to Google.

  • McAfee, the cybersecurity company, was the one to find out malware in 60 applications.

  • Google, which owns the Android system, generated $279.8 billion in revenue in 2022.

Data thefts are frequently occurring events in this new technological age that jeopardize the security of thousands of users who give their personal data when downloading apps, making sure they are not used in a bad way, however it is not always the case. So.

Recently a cyber security company McAfee warned in a statement that they had discovered more than a dozen applications infected with the malware malware Which was present in the Play Store application store and its downloads exceeded millions.

Goldoson: Malware detected in 60 Android apps

Goldoson works as a library for Programming From third parties, it is a malware which “collects lists of installed apps and history information from WiFi and Bluetooth devices, including nearby GPS locations,” McAfee said in a statement.

Advertising fraud is caused by this malware It consists of displaying various advertisements that open in the background without the user interacting with them.

thus, Google has taken the decision to remove the infected apps from the Play StoreHowever, users who have already downloaded it will still have it. These are some of the Apps injured:

  • megabox
  • Live Score Real-time score
  • pikecast
  • Compass 9: Smart compass
  • GOM Audio – Music, Lyrics Sync
  • TV – It’s all about the video
  • Gunendai
  • Element obsession

Until 2021, Android had more than 3 billion devices in the world, according to Samir Samar, Google Vice President of Product Management, which made it the best-selling operating system, followed by iOS, which belongs to the iPhone.

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out of curiosity, Google bought Android in 2005; The tech giant also has platforms like YouTube, Motorola, and Waze in its possession, in addition to being the number one portal for searches globally.

According to Statista data, in 2022, it will be Google’s revenues amounted to 279.8 billion US dollars, It is mainly obtained from advertising, which amounted to 224 thousand 470 million dollars in 2022. Another strong income was obtained thanks to the number of downloads that users make through the Play Store.

for his part, McAfee is one of the leading companies in the field of cyber security worldwide, It currently has more than 108 million customers, offers an annual subscription to protect sensitive user information, as well as a presence in 182 countries.

The online security company has received several awards, most recently in 2022 for “Product of the Year” AV Comparisons; in 2021 His net profit amounted to nearly two billion dollars Native Americans.

McAfee is one of the many tools that can be used when browsing, it is compatible with the Google Chrome browser and helps you avoid ads that open in the background, and it also warns users when a website is not safe.

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