Android 15 removes one of the users’ favorite features

Android updates are accelerating at a furious pace. Not a week goes by without new functionality arriving in Google’s new operating system. Android 15Which some benefiting users can currently enjoy. Although it is still in an initial stage, some additions have been seen that have been very fruitful, but at the same time some important functions have been discovered that disappear for no reason. A canceled app that, for many, is one of the best.

Android 15 has been available for testing since February 16, through the first developer preview, and although many features have already been shared that we will soon see in its final version across all manufacturers, there is still a long way to go until all its elements are complete. However, today it is quite stable and users can use many tools with fewer errors than since its launch.

In fact, currently, Google continues to cook various aspects of Android 15 and polish its weaknesses, so that some functions that were considered quite practical have completely evaporated, in such a way that it is not known for certain whether they will appear again or not. But the truth is that one of them was one of the favorites of many users and it represents an improvement regarding Receive notifications on a large scale.

The best features of Android 15 evaporate

You might be familiar with using a lot of apps that you download from the Google Play Store. However, we don’t get used to the problem that persists: the bombardment of notifications. So that this does not happen and these annoying alerts can be deactivated without affecting the vibration of your phone, a function was created in Android 15 called Cool notification (Calm down notification).

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When this feature is activated in the new Google operating system, The notification volume is gradually reduced When received successively from the same order. Therefore, the beep volume decreases significantly, as does the intensity of the vibrations, if too many of them are received in a short period of time.

It is common to use this type of function For messaging applicationsLike WhatsApp or Telegram, if you have several group chats running and their members constantly stop sending messages, a stressful situation that can cause a real headache.

But that doesn’t mean that notifications are completely silenced. He brought that option with him Fast recovery period From the sound and vibration of your notifications, the volume will therefore be re-established again, after a few minutes in case you expect to receive important messages.

It has been removed from Android 15 for now

It is still not known exactly why this feature was removed from Android 15, which was available from the beginning with the arrival of Developer Preview 1 and which strangely disappeared in the final version of Android 15 Beta 2.2.

Google didn’t provide any explanation, but beta testers did specify Trigger adjustments to notification vibrations To obtain greater calibration, it is therefore likely that some changes will be made to improve this tool and make it more effective.

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