Android 14 removed a very useful function from your mobile phone (and you didn’t even realize it)

Android 14 has eliminated a very useful function to check notifications without making any noise. Some users are already asking for the feature to return.

Android 14 is the new version of the operating system.

Android 14 has been with us for a while. It has been available for some compatible phones for some time, while for other models like the Samsung Galaxy S22 it is in the pipeline. However, the new version of Android is hitting phones and bringing with it quite a few new features.

according to Published with 9to5GoogleAmong these developments is the possibility Check notifications from an app by long pressing. Google has quietly and silently canceled this ability.

Goodbye to one of Android’s most useful functions

In Android 13, you can see available notifications from any app by long pressing on the icon on the home screen. Only one was shown, with a digital counter in the right corner if there are more. You can also dismiss notifications from here, in addition to viewing them.

In Android 14, when you long press on an app icon, the only thing we get is… Access app information and view app shortcuts. There is no longer a display of notifications from here, which seems to be a conscious decision by the team responsible for Android.

According to the media, this change was coming During last AugustWhen the Android 14 beta program was still underway, Google said that this behavior would be what the system would be like by default, and that it had no intention of changing it. And there was everything. Now that it has been discovered more widely, it has a certain number of users And they demand that it be changedBut it doesn’t look like Big G will care about these requests.

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Logically, most Android users have encountered this novelty. Since its inclusion is only notified for beta users, Many of us didn’t know what happened Until this news came out. And since most people seem to be using the notifications tab more, there doesn’t seem to be any room for going back.

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