Android 14 Beta 4 releases the great news that will soon reach your mobile phone

Android 14 Beta 4 is coming to many phones with a bunch of new features and major bug fixes. Everything we discovered will surprise you and leave you wanting more. Now, lonely Selected mobile phones can try it out, Such as Google Pixel 4a 5G and later devices and tablets of the brand.

One of the greatest novelties you come with is that you will be able to Commercial security for speed When you lock your phone, right after entering your PIN, but this is not the only one, because there are many bug fixes that many have definitely been waiting for.

All the news that comes with this beta version

On the one hand, as we said, one of the great novelties is Possibility to write the password Without having to confirm it with the accept button. You need a PIN of at least 6 digits to enable auto confirmation. With this comes a new privacy function that prevents the PIN code entered in your phone from being spied on, Mishaal Rahman also confirms.

Android 14 Beta 4 finally comes with the “auto-confirm unlock” feature that I revealed earlier!

This feature automatically unlocks your phone when you enter the PIN correctly. Your PIN must be 6 or more digits long to enable this.

July 12, 2023 • 10:05 AM

Other innovations that come with the new version are Profile photos are ready For your user profile, direct access to the Battery widget in Google Pixel settings and the phone’s manufacture date in System info. The 24 new profile pictures are illustrations of animals, plants and planets, and we’re showing them to you in one photo.

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All problems that Android 14 beta 4 fixes

While this is interesting news, you’ll also want to know what bugs have been fixed with this new update. Specifically, they ensure that the new Android 14 beta Fixes issues that caused certain situationssuch as those shown below:

  • It was causing notifications to stop showing up and quick settings tiles to stop working until the device was restarted
  • Sometimes he would make a file VoIP applications will stop recording audio When the screen is locked or the app is in the background
  • The title of the playing song will suddenly disappear or be replaced with other information when the device is switched from the always-on screen to the locked screen
  • Sometimes blocked Devices will be charged o The device was allowed to charge, but problems were reported with the wrong charging cable or accessory attached
  • Sometimes it caused the Android system intelligence service to fail
  • Caused CredentialManager registration to fail when more than one set of credentials is used
  • HealthConnect API returned null pointer exceptions for calling applications
  • This may cause boot loops and error messages. “The app is not responding” on some devices
  • Some elements in the system UI did not change the theme correctly when Switch between day and night mode
  • A system issue that causes the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window to become unresponsive when using an app, such as Google Maps, in PiP mode and then locking the screen and reopening the app by tapping the notification on the home screen.
  • he lock screen wallpaper Sometimes resets to a blank black screen when setting a new wallpaper
  • It caused poor UI animations in the launcher
  • The target selector dialog was displayed incorrectly while setting up the work profile
  • Rounded edges of notifications will be displayed incorrectly
  • Sometimes your mobile phone or tablet may stop responding if the eSIM is disabled
  • the The lock screen gets stuck sometimes With a blank black screen
  • A ConnectivityService of type that can crash and restart your machine
  • It sometimes caused the system volume slider to get stuck on the screen
  • Addresses of some Settings pages are not reported correctly and some areas within the System Settings app are inaccessible when TalkBack is enabled
  • sometimes led to Fingerprint registration failed If the device is rotated during recording
  • the connected Bluetooth devices The system audio output adapter is not sorted correctly
  • Notification center does not close after clicking on a notification to start an intent
  • he The analog clock is not displayed When viewing a background preview
  • Only one matches Right side bluetooth headset
  • Application startup animation not working properly
  • Notifications from a priority conversation were dismissed by mistake when the group of non-priority notifications was dismissed
  • The share sheet sometimes gets stuck after clicking copy
  • The UI does not revert to the shared sheet workflow if the user edits an image in the shared sheet
  • he Face unlock caused problems
  • A USB headset was consuming extra power when connected to a device on a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call
  • A null pointer exception sometimes causes the launcher to crash after the application has been launched
  • When using a device with a work profile, the Google Play Store app on the work profile crashes or fails to launch
  • System UI was crashing
  • others System stability issues
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All these bugs have been corrected by the new beta that brings us closer to the stable version of Android 14. This fourth beta is already Available for specific devicesincluding the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, via an over-the-air update.

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