Android 12 will come with a feature that everyone wants

Have you ever deleted a file on your computer by mistake? The solution is as simple as going to recycle bin, searching for and restoring the file. What is the relationship of this Android 12? Google is already working on a section called “Trash”. Yes, we are talking about a section with all files Files deleted from the device. It might sound like something very basic, but it’s something that very few manufacturers have included and Android hasn’t offered in its entire years of existence.

Recycle Bin coming to Android 12

a Building robot 12 Accessed by XDA displays a new section in Settings called “waste“Oh”Paper clip‘ in Spanish. It’s located in the storage section, so users can see exactly how much storage everything in the trash is taking up.

These details allow you to confirm this Google is working on the Recycle Bin for Android. But it is not a recycle bin like the one that other manufacturers have in the gallery, it deals with all the files on the device and not just the photos and videos in the gallery. No matter what you delete on your smartphone: it will end up in the recycle bin for a while.

It is a very common feature in operating systems like Windows, but not so common on mobile phones. The section is found at Android 12, Although no one can confirm that it is in the final OS that we will see in a few months.

Android can enhance its use in other personalization layers

This function is found in which OS will be running Google Pixel and not the rest Xiaomi, Samsung or OnePlus phones. The good news is that a job of this importance can do Impact on manufacturers to use it on their terminals.

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This means that brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, or OnePlus can benefit from updating them to Android 12 also includes this Recycle Bin To recover files and photos deleted by accident. Without a doubt, it’s a job that every Android user has missed at some point in their life.


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