And where you rule Qatar, you don’t rule a sailor

It is said that Paris Saint-Germain is a government club, ruled by Qatar and its unlimited supply of petrodollars, but Mbappe’s rejection of Real Madrid’s offer adds another nuance to the relationship between the French club and its owners. The most ambiguous rejection remembered in the history of football, and perhaps in professional sports, also deserves to be understood as a matter of state.

With Paris Saint-Germain, Qatar has a fantastic platform for football in the heart of Europe, similar to owners Manchester City (Abu Dhabi) and Newcastle (Saudi Arabia) in the UK. In all of these cases, football is a necessary and seemingly harmless part of the higher political and economic interests. It is clear that the unexpected continuity of Mbappe at PSG goes beyond the scope of the club and could be linked to the priorities of the Qatari system.

Mbappe’s continuity is superior to Paris Saint-Germain. It must be linked to the priorities of the national system

Six months later, the World Cup, the most extravagant in history, begins. It will take place in Qatar, a country similar to the inhabitants of Zaragoza, represented by a team that has not participated in the tournament before. For the first time, the dates of the competition that were registered have been modified according to the specifications of the countries wishing to organize it.

Ignorance of issues of climate and geography could blame Qatar as the venue for June and July, but the decision undoubtedly stemmed from issues of geopolitics and greed, so FIFA did not find it inappropriate to move to one. The World Cup kicks off from June to November.

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Mbappe renews with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025

Anne-Christine Bogolat/AFP

The move informed the power of countries like Qatar on the football board and beyond. Suddenly everyone realized that it was impossible to play in the summer in hellish conditions. The thermometer was used to convey the competition at a more friendly time, although it is very inconvenient for the rest of football. For two months, the major European leagues will be suspended to allow their best players to be in Qatar.

Less than a year ago, PSG turned down an offer that no one would dare refuse. Real Madrid offered him 200 million for Mbappe, who had only five months left to be free and negotiate his future without any obstacles. The decision of Jelifi, the French club’s country president, was interpreted as an act of arrogance, wounded self-love, or the infamous feud with Florentino Perez.

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Shortly before, Paris Saint-Germain joined UEFA in the attack that Real Madrid inaugurated with the creation of the European Premier League. Both clubs were serving as fenders in their sector of assistants. The gap was exacerbated by the refusal to transfer Mbappe for a huge sum of money, to public stupor.

It wasn’t Paris Saint-Germain, but Qatar, the country that recruited three great footballers – Mbappe, Neymar and Messi – to not only give the squad a sparkle but to complete an unbeatable poster on the eve of the World Cup, the World Cup. . The label remains unchanged. Mbappe resides in Paris.

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The economic conditions of his stay in Paris are beyond imagination. He would rather continue with a team that does not have a long history than join the most famous club in the world. It’s hard to think that PSG made their decision, but it’s easy to think of what Mbappe’s presence in the Paris team would mean for Qatar.

Half a minute before the World Cup, Mbappe’s continuity was a matter of status, a matter of strategic scope without economic limits. At that point, Real Madrid is no match for Qatar.

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