Analysts Think Nintendo Switch in 4K Can Continue Development But Users Are Outraged by the Lack of Evidence – Nintenderos

lately surprise announcement from new Nintendo Switch (OLED model)Which will be released after that October 8No one is left indifferent because of the past Rumors About the imminent announcement of an extension switch better performance This allowed Video output up to 4K.

Well, though confirmed That this new machine Does not include major RAM, CPU or GPU optimizationsSome analysts insist A 4K Nintendo Switch model is currently in development by the Japanese company.

Serkan Tutu, an analyst consulted by the media Bloomberg Supported by other media analysts such as Matthew Kanterman and Nathan Naidoo, they comment on the following in this regard:

This new model of the Nintendo Switch appears to be a temporary thing rather than a real upgrade. This may be a temporary update until the release of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so the component shortage will be fixed by then next year.

However, it must be remembered that many analysts already stated a few weeks ago that a Nintendo Switch «Pro» It will be announced soon, and it’s a last thing did not happen As they said, so these statements should simply be taken as another opinion. Remember that journalist who actually endorsed those rumors Show his confusion about it. He is waiting for his sources to confirm whether this new OLED model is the same as the previous rumors or if it will be two different models (one already officially announced and one on the way).

many fans They showed their disagreement and anger with Serkan Tutu and Bloomberg All in all, as this news outlet doesn’t finish explaining what happened with the Switch “Pro” rumors they shared and Nintendo didn’t mention there was a shortage of them in production. In addition, they add that owner with what They announced This new model is very misleading: “Nintendo is offering a $350 Switch with a screen that still lags behind its competitors.”

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