Analysis of the free game Cookie Run: OvenBreak for Android

One of the pluses about this game is its ease of use (and the interface is not localized, which is important when navigating through the menus). The truth is that when you play, only you Press two buttons At the bottom of the screen: one for jumping, one for crouching. This way you avoid all obstacles that appear in your way … always in a horizontal motion. The truth is, in less than five minutes you’ll know exactly how to control everything in Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

If you’ve been wondering about the technical section of the game, things are positive for two reasons. On the one hand The music is much better than usual Its kind of development, and we didn’t have to remove it, because it was so much amusing. When it comes to graphics, the creations are amazing and that is why we don’t go for three dimensions. This allows for excellent compatibility, and in testing we achieved optimum performance on similar models 3 GB (But with two it works well too). The point is, you don’t have to use a particularly powerful Android device to enjoy this development.

Options Included in Cookies: OvenBreak

This is the title PlatformsSo there is no complication when it comes to explaining that you should jump on low and crouch if you see something high or come from above. The point is, you have to get away before you are taken to the oven to roast … because you are a cookie. As a theme it is not very new, but the fact is that with graphics it has a very funny touch. Truth is, it’s so much fun and for all fans.

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Nivel en Cookie Run: OvenBreak

There is no shortage of additional options for those who only beat levels, such as getting new heroes with different characteristics and who are making Cookie Run: OvenBreak’s juicing time quite high, because Lots of levels To overcome it. Besides, as usual in this type of game, there is no shortage of additional options that are obtained in the middle of the game, such as power-ups or coins that can, among other things, level up and thus be faster and shock resistant.

Win Cookie Run: OvenBreak

The truth is, this is quite a game Fun and simpleWhere skill is what allows you to have the best brands to find out if you are one of the best in the world as there is a list where this can be found out.

Excellent final detail

If everything we mentioned sounds interesting to you and you want to try this game, then you should know that you are downloading it in stores like Galaxy Store s Play Store Done Free… so you don’t lose anything by trying it, and for sure, you will leave a good time on your device in case there is some time when you want to enjoy your Android device.

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