Analysis of the first call by Rinaldo Rueda to the Colombian international team – international football – sport

On Monday, Reynaldo surprised Rueda by calling up 23 players for a mini-tournament for the Colombian national team in B.Starting from February 8 to 11.

(Non: This is Rinaldo’s first call)

These are the main points of the call.

1. Look at the local championship.
Rueda cited 23 players, but none of them play for foreign teams, as all of them are part of the Colombian championship, so the coach warns that there are options for everyone to join the Colombian team.

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2. The large number of absentees. DT did not mention goalkeeper Alvaro Monteiro this time, at the wheel of Gamenton Campaz, both from Tolima, and Dovan Vergara, an American champion.

3. The reasons? There could be many theories not to call these three numbers, one, it was sold abroad, and two, which are already part of the main roster, in which there are those who play abroad, but the truth is that Tolima is like Medellin because they got to Colombia Cup Finals.

4. Experience. After a long time there is a local mini course. Not only does he look at the youth, there are also experienced players like German Mira, Rozero, Carracal and Miguel Borja.

Other players paint as a projection, including Fabian Angel, Santiago Moreno, Rivaldo Rodriguez, the idea is to look for items that could help at some point.

5. There is no process. Two goalkeepers who did not participate in the Colombian selection process were called by the name of Jose Luis Chunga (Jagwares), Juan Esteban Moreno (millionaires).

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He cited two players in each position, except for the right-back, who called up three and in the part The attack there are three. You see the list and there are no numbers 10 either, the closest thing to this position is Jhon Vásquez (Cali) and Cristian Arango (Millionaires).


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