An Xbox game that could be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024 may have already been leaked

We reported that to you this morning and now we have another interesting Nintendo-related rumor. In this case we are talking about a game X-Box It could be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Specifically, it is Common Which has been circulating online for a few hours. There is speculation that Microsoft will bring its own game to the Switch console this year, and now we have these details:

  • The rumored game, perhaps Heavy Rushis a critically acclaimed rhythm/action title.
  • In a video, Nate the Hate hints that Microsoft is planning to bring a high-profile game to Switch without specifying the title, but mentions its desirability and popularity among fans.
  • lolilolailo, a well-known leaker on Resetera, supports this speculation by suggesting that Hi-Fi Rush could be the game in question.
  • Although they are just rumors and speculation, Microsoft's potential move towards the Switch would be consistent with its recent actions.

There are no official announcements From Microsoft on the subject, so it may not come to fruition on the Nintendo Switch, but the nature of the game and the current dynamics suggest that Hi-Fi Rush would be a good addition to the Switch platform. We will be alert!

What do you think of the news? You can share it in the comments. And don't forget, you can also check out the 110 best Nintendo Switch games of 2023.


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