AN is considering on Tuesday whether to extradite a man to the UK over an illegal tire warehouse fire

Madrid, December 3 (European Press) –

The National Court is considering on Tuesday whether to extradite to the United Kingdom a man accused of committing an environmental crime for piling up tires without the necessary permits, causing them to catch fire, disrupting train traffic and closing schools and shops. . .

According to the prosecutor’s report, compiled by Europa Press, the man collected tires between 2019 and 2021 in two lots without obtaining the necessary environmental permit, so both warehouses were illegal. It also indicates that it poses a great fire risk because the materials were accumulated in large piles and without firebreaks.

The facts collected in the Public Prosecution’s letter indicate that the company that was in his wife’s name did not fully respond to the requirements of the Environment Agency.

In 2020, a fire broke out at one of the facilities, causing the closure of all railway lines for four days, as well as 25 schools, district courts, businesses and even the local police station. Air quality was also seriously affected. To extinguish the fire, it was necessary to use 15 fire trucks, three aerial appliances and up to five support vehicles, reducing the capacity to deal with other emergencies.

According to the document, the facts constitute a crime against the environment, and it clarifies that the condition of double criminality is met – that the crime exists in both countries – and that the extradition request is proportionate, and that it is not a political crime, so it is understood that extradition is being advanced.

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