An international expert praises Bolivia’s heritage policy

“We believe that community participation is essential to protect this area, and in this sense, the recently held National Summit of Bolivian Cultural Heritage was a contribution,” Ivan Fernandez, cultural advisor in the Bolivia office, told Prensa Latina. UNESCO in Quito, Ecuador.

Fernandez said that the participation of implementers and key players in the field in that meeting added importance and ensured the sustainability of the proposal to define the protection plan.

“From this point of view, UNESCO considers this an excellent initiative,” he said.

He praised the plan that identifies Bolivia with activities, goals and objectives for each of its fifteen denominations considered the cultural heritage of humanity, and stressed that it is very important because no other country in Latin America and the Caribbean has so many denominations.

He considered that culture is the basis for sustainable development, and for this reason the plan must serve the government and the state as a support for the progress of society.

“I insist that culture brings social cohesion and allows all Bolivians to think as one nation, and that is what is important,” said the expert.

He emphasized that apart from its mineral wealth and other natural resources, in the future Bolivia will have cultural potential as a major development factor.

He noted when referring to Latin America and the Caribbean that in the United Nations proposal for sustainable development for 2030 there are 17 goals, most of which are based on culture, good education, quality of health so that people know what they should eat and poverty. Reduction and job creation.

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“All of this is supported by culture, which is the basis for sustainable development in the region,” he stressed.

“Cultural tourism is a treasure Рexperts note Рthere is Mexico, where a million people visit Teotihuacan every day, and this provides employment resources; France and Spain also live from culture.

Fernandez noted that “Havana, the cultural heritage of humanity is another example of the restoration of its historical center, and in this sense the world recognizes the genius of the historian Eusebio Leal, the main promoter of this project.”


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