An incredible surprise on Xbox Game Pass! No one expected these amazing games to arrive without prior notice, Remnant 2 and Remnant: From the Ashes – Remnant: From the Ashes

Xbox has made its ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ move, but in this case with two great third-party games for Game Pass

Imagine you open the Xbox Game Pass app to continue the video game you’ve been playing, and looking at the catalog, you realize they’ve added One of the big surprises of 2023. This is what happened a few minutes ago, and it turns out that Remnant 2 It is available now For members of this subscription service. However, this is not the only surprising thing.

It turns out that Microsoft decided to add a Remnant saga Full. In this way the rest will be: also of ashes Available on Game Pass. Gunfire Games’ work has received acclaim from critics and the community alike, with both video games having up to 85% positive reviews on Steam. Below you will find the links to start downloading it.

We’re talking about two games Action RPG Which has survival elements, very similar to that com. soulslikes. He was assigned to A Post-apocalyptic world Where players must face multiple enemies in procedurally generated worlds. These works also focus on cooperative multiplayer, the fun of which is enhanced by defeating more brutal monsters and bosses. the challenge. In this way, character development and customization are more than guaranteed, which helps us obtain better equipment and weapons.

What do you think of Relic 2?

In analyzing remainder 2 we show that it is a A criminally overlooked gem. “It’s truly one of the most notable action RPGs of recent times. You’ll love it for it Graphics, gameplay and its development And for her Leaders; a A sequel to remember“, although it initially brings some balance and performance inconsistencies that will need to be seen if they are eventually resolved with the arrival of patches.”

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