An increasingly huge stadium

About $ 3 million is that River invested in changing the face of Monumental. The re-opening is getting closer and closer and there are expectations in the crowd. This week, Núñez Club published new photos of the work in progress. “We hope to make our team debut in the Maradona Cup.”Leaders hope.

The new images actually show the green color of the latest generation of hybrid grass, which is a small percentage of artificial (artificial) grass and most of it is natural grass, which has been installed in Huge.

Antonio Vespucio Liberti will also have a ventilation system of the best stadiums in the world. In addition, the natural grass supported with fiber injection technology will allow for more hours of use than traditional fields. Aeration technology will help root development and lead to stronger, healthier lawn growth, with better game quality and lower maintenance costs.

During these hours the work was transferred to the wing sectors. There will be new baths in Belgrano and Centenario (low, medium and high) and all bathrooms in Sívori and San Martín are completely renovated. Food stalls will also open. “By taking advantage of old warehouses and unused areas, two covered gastronomy platforms are being built at the Centenario, Sívori and Belgrano platforms, replacing the old rails that were under the stairs, which were out in the open and hindered the rotation of the fans.“They reached out from the club.

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Another important point is the new WiFi system that all mounts will have. The physical installation of the equipment was carried out at the stadium entrances, amphitheaters, circulation boxes, car park, river museum, sweets and small stadium. Additionally, renovations were made on the centenary to improve visibility and there have been improvements in the sector for people who move in wheelchairs.

The final stage of this first part of the works is in Huge It will culminate in drawing a large portion of the stadium.

River workers are working against the clock. The new home is about to open in late February or early March. Leaders are confident that Huge It will be one of the newest stadiums in South America. Partners and fans, of course, are looking forward to it.

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