An expert from MIT shares his experiments with the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences on dark matter

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- To strengthen academic relations, the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) welcomed, for its institutional symposium on Wednesday, guest Patrick Fitzpatrick, who recently obtained his doctorate at the Massachusetts Technological Institute (MIT), USA, who gave Conference: New possibilities for dark matter beyond the weak,” with students from the aforementioned faculty.

Roger José Hernandez Pinto, a researcher in the academic unit, thanked the researcher for the opportunity to share his knowledge with students in the field of cosmology and its interpretation, but not before highlighting his recent research at the Technion in Haifa.

“He comes here with us, because we are developing topics in particle physics and fundamental interactions and his area of ​​interest is cosmology, everything that has to do with stars and their interpretation.” to explain. .

He said that as researchers we have a common study particle known as dark matter, so, being an expert in this field, the knowledge he imparts to the students of the College of Physical Sciences and Mathematics will have a great impact.

In this sense, he added that the field of high energy physics at the college includes a large group of researchers, but this type of activity not only nourishes students’ knowledge, but also allows them to strengthen academic and professional ties. With other institutions at guest level.

“It opens another window to research, not only for members of this college, but also for other colleges such as Earth and Space Sciences; He noted additional insight for the students and for us, opening up the possibility of collaboration on the topics he develops.

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The fact that students have this approach or first approach allows them to see the opportunities available to them in developing a master's or doctoral degree, whether with the Autonomous University of Sinaloa itself or other institutions that offer these areas in greater depth, so having these collaborative links allows the student to access these subjects.

He described that it is important for the researcher to come from other latitudes and teach new topics that involve him in the field of study in which he is developing.

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