An exchange between Argentina and the United Kingdom is progressing to explore cooperation in domestic production of COVID-19 vaccines

The Minister of the Nation’s Health, Carla Vizotti, and Presidential Counselor Cecilia Nikolini, participated in a video call with the Minister of Vaccination in the United Kingdom, Nazem Al-Zahawi, and the Minister for Europe and the Americas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wendy Morton, as part of the inter-ministerial dialogue promoted by the two embassies with the aim of exchanging experiences and evaluating procedures Shared within the framework of the Covid-19 epidemic.

During the meeting, possible ways to speed up the provision of vaccines were evaluated, and officials exchanged experiences and good practices regarding the vaccination campaign carried out by both countries. In addition, lines of cooperation were analyzed to deepen the fight against the epidemic and its impact on the health system and the possibility of manufacturing vaccines at the local level.

In this sense, Minister Vizzotti emphasized that Argentina’s ability to be part of the vaccine production chain was a strategic decision in favor of access to vaccines for our people and the Americas region, and stated that the Argentine authorities continue to search for more and better opportunities to accelerate this goal.

In this regard, the British government has indicated its willingness to favor contact with the University of Oxford and the producing laboratory.

In addition, Al-Zahawi and Vizzotti analyzed the current vaccination strategy implemented in the United Kingdom, which includes spacing the application of the second doses for up to 12 weeks, which made it possible to combat the spread of the virus in their country faster and effectively. Referring to the situation in our country, the British minister affirmed that “the current strategy applied by Argentina is the correct and most effective strategy to break the link between infection and hospitalization.”

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At the same time, Nikolini discussed the possibility of speeding up the provision of vaccines by the United Kingdom as well as working to deepen bilateral cooperation, and Vizotti highlighted the ability of the Argentine health system implementation to cope with an escalation in the application of the dose to a final increase. In providing vaccines.

In this regard, Great Britain highlighted the UK’s commitment to channeling the vaccine surplus through the COVAX mechanism.

It is noteworthy that Argentine officials participated in the meeting from Mexico, where they are finalizing the details of the first shipment of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines and strengthening joint measures regarding the response to the epidemic, vaccination strategy and public health-related axes. Such as chronic non-communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health, and mental health among others.

Finally, the representatives of the two countries agreed to the upcoming virtual meeting to deepen joint work to build confidence around vaccination based on the campaign results.

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