An atmosphere of relaxation after a presidential message to Congress in Peru

At the same time, politicians and analysts focused on the letter presented yesterday to Congress, in which he requested relaxation while reprimanding him for a series of obstructive measures and decisions that led to the reduction of presidential powers and two vacant motions in the legislature, the second of which will be debated on March 28.

Above all, various opinions were motivated by the revelation made by Torres after the letter, according to which Castillo was about to submit to the Legislature a bill to advance the general election, that is, his early retirement and the retirement of members of Congress.

“He put Congress against the wall,” said opposition commentator Enrique Castillo, while La Repubblica interpreted it to mean “let’s all stay,” because the vast majority of the population believes that if Castillo is evacuated, Congress should be renewed as well. ..

The President concluded the day with a quiet and cordial meeting with mayors from all over the country, along with his Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, in which he confirmed that his government had made mistakes and assured that he would begin to correct them the next day. few hours.

Hours earlier, Parliament had questioned the Ministers of Health, Hernán Condori, and of Justice, Angel Ildefonso, in a session in which it appeared that the lawmakers’ momentum in favor of censure (removing) at least the former, accused missing, would impair capabilities and overturn the medical school.

After questioning, Jorge Montoya, one of the most radical supporters of censorship “one by one” over ministers rejected by the opposition, declared his satisfaction with the explanations given by the ministers of Condori, who refuted the charges against him, and Ilidefondo, who admitted this. That he did not provide complete information in his official CV due to a mistake he had already corrected.

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Montoya, a lawmaker from the far-right Popular Renewal Party, stated that the plenary asked those questioned to submit documents supporting their defense allegations and gave them a period of one month to monitor their performance.

However, a small group of legislators from the Purple Party announced that they are collecting supportive signatures (33 signatures are needed out of a total of 130 members of Congress) for the motion of censure against Kondori.

Renovación Popular, Fuerza Popular and Avanza País form the far-right congressional bloc that acted unanimously against Castillo, but today Montoya’s position was not shared by Avanza País, who spoke out about the censorship, while Fuerza Popular announced that it would try internally on the themes.

On the same day, the head of the oversight body, Hector Ventura, announced that the president had agreed to answer the questions of the legislative group on one of the issues of possible corruption affecting the president, which he has accepted to do only in writing. .

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