AMLO realizes that it will not pass electoral reform; Goes under the laws to modify the INE

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador admitted that Electoral constitutional reform In Congress, which is why they will promote changes in secondary laws that allow for an amendment National Electoral Institute (INE).

He indicated in a press conference that he would present a legal reform, “his plan B”, which – without violating the constitution – allows saving resources in organizing elections and prohibits vote-buying.

He pointed out that the Constitutional Revolutionary Party made a decision not to agree to the reform because they did not want to reduce the budget of the National Electoral Institute, and reduce it from 500 to 300 deputies, so that there would be no multi-member representatives, and that the members of the councils and the judges of the court would be elected by the village. Without the support of the PRI, the majority required for constitutional reform will not be achieved.

López Obrador criticized the campaign that INE would disappear. He indicated that he should be “ashamed”.

“Since they do not accept it, well, we will introduce a law that allows us without violating the constitution to make savings in any case so that they are not so expensive as the organization of elections, and in that law it is forbidden, but strictly, the purchase of the vote, these are the two things that are in the law .

“It was a disproportionate lie that must have been embarrassing, not only to the advertisers who launched and paid for this campaign, but also to those who believed it, because they are bothered to pull out a card that says ‘ INE It is not touched “,” We will not allow it to be destroyed INE“,” We will not allow INEThis was what they did, so it is good that it is not possible – for the time being – to implement constitutional reform, but legal reform.

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yesterday, Alejandro Moreno, leader of the PRI and the Head of the Governance Commission, they confirmed that his office would vote against any electoral reform proposal that it deems anti-democratic.

“Whatever it costs to oppose it, it will be less than what the state would pay if we surrendered,” he said.

Morena electoral reform

Opinion project on Constitutional reform in electoral matters Made by Morena Plan to endorse all proposals President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, such as changing the way electoral advisers are selected, reducing their number, hiding local institutions, and reducing the number of members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

after the document Advertise in chamber committeesIt was reported that they would be called to a meeting on Monday 28 November to discuss and vote on the matter. In this case, Morena and her allies have enough votes to approve the text and send it to the plenary.

Yesterday, Morena Coordinator Ignacio Mir recognized the possibility that the opposition bloc – formed by PAN, PRI, PRD and MC – could remain united In his rejection of the presidential initiativewhich Morena and her allies can approve themselves in committees, but not in plenary, where a qualified majority, two-thirds of legislators, is required.

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Faced with this scenario, Morena and the federal government are already preparing what President López Obrador calls Plan Ba series of proposals for the reform of secondary laws that include their main ideas and do not require a qualified majority.

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