AMLO promised a health system like Denmark's by March 2024

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador set the November 2023 deadline in a month March 2024the country will have eThe best health system in the world. The date has come, but everything indicates that the promise will not be fulfilled, Specialized in Public Health The budget and budget agreed that the Mexican health system would not be equal to or better than the health system in the Nordic countries.

Octavio Gomez Dantésa public health specialist, confirms that it is okay to eat Health care system in Denmarkalthough the decisions of this six-year mandate were established Health management is the worst in the country's history.

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“All Mexicans, from the president to the cleaner in the public service, should have access to the same services of the same quality; and we can achieve this if we make the right decisions.” In these past six years, not only has there been no progress towards achieving this goal; We have gone back scandalously, it is without a doubt in the history of the Mexican regime, the worst administration we have in health matters,” recalls Gómez Dantés, the specialist, in an interview.

The end of the six-year period is approaching, and with it comes reflection on the commitments that have been made and fulfilled. Achieving a first-class health system in the world was one of the main promises of the current government, and to achieve it, the insurance system was abolished. Popular in 2019 and replaced by Well-Being Health Institute (Inasabi), but in May 2023 a decree was issued that abolished the institute and led to the formation of the IMSS-Wellbeing model, which aims to achieve the universalization of health services and serve the population without social security through the scheme. .

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Gomez Dantés It is noteworthy that the centralized health care model is not sufficient to achieve universal coverage, although this is the commitment and contributions of the current government. “All health systems in European countries It operates with the participation of a very significant private sector organization in the provision component, not the financing.“.

in MexicoOr health system fFragmented It is made up of subsystems and we have that the institution dedicated to state employees is ISSSTE, for employees of private companies IMSS, and now IMSS-Wellbeing for people who do not have social security, in addition to health services in Armed forces And based on Pemex. For Gomez Dantés, the same health services must be for the entire population and in a comprehensive way, and this is clear if we want to replicate the Danish health system and explains: “If the billionaires in Denmark want to care for lung cancer patients, they go to the same hospitals as the cleaners in Copenhagen and receive the same care, so the ambition for universal coverage means that all Mexicans should have universal access to services.” Protection and those who do not spend excessively to meet their health needs.

GDP with a wide gap and out-of-pocket spending

judith mendez, Researcher in Center for Economic and Budgetary Research (CIEP) explains in an interview with Broken chair That since Mexico invests less than half Gross Domestic Production (gross domestic product) proposed by international organizations and states: “From 2018 to 2024 what we see is that public investment in the health sector reached 2.4% in 2018, and for 2024 a budget of 2.9% was approved. This means there is a difference of about half a point of GDP. This government's promise was to increase investment in the health sector by one point of GDP, but although there has been an increase, it is not enough to make up for the deficit. The large gap and deficit, which already exists from other departments, is important here to mention that although there is not a large increase, this has not been reflected in increased interest, on the contrary, what we see is an increase abroad. “Out-of-pocket spending.”

Judith Mendes, a researcher at CIEP, points out that the gap to take into account that determines that we will not be able to have a first-class health system in the world is that Denmark allocates three times the GDP of Mexico. “In the country we allocate 3 points of the GDP, and at the international level it is proposed 6%, but in Denmark they allocate only 10%, and compared to the Latin American region, Mexico is the country that allocates the best percentage of the GDP.” GDP to health spending. In terms of per capita, the state allocates $600 when… Chili pepper ,Argentina, Colombia And Costa Rica They allocate $1,200,300,” explains a budget analysis specialist.

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CIEP explained that of the health spending incurred during 2022, 49% came from the private sector, while the rest was from public spending, and the institution explains that private spending does not only refer to spending from the pockets of men and women. Mexican companies, but also to the resources spent by institutions such as insurance companies, as well as non-profit institutions. In addition, the research center reiterated that the vast majority of the private spending undertaken, 49%, is out-of-pocket spending, that is, Mexican families are the ones who spend these resources to be able to finance their access to health care.

Researchers agree that the current government is far from promising to achieve a first-class health system in the world, and this position is consistent with the weekly analysis published a few days ago by the Center for Economic Studies of the Private Sector, which warned that the health sector in Mexico is suffering from… Strong delays As evidenced by the lack of coverage and shortage of medicines in public hospitals and clinics, many families, especially those with low income, have been forced to meet their medical needs through out-of-pocket expenses with a consequent impact on their lives. .


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