Americans “don’t understand” how far people are going in the UK

A debate erupted between Americans and people in the UK over what is an acceptable trip to take on foot on Reddit after a podcast described the 30-minute trip as a “short walk”.

In a post on the online forum, one user (indymom810) said she couldn’t “imagine walking that far in the US” and asked, “Do people walk that much in the UK?”

“Yesterday I was listening to a podcast about real crime on ITV and the person said ‘It was a short walk home, about thirty minutes.

“Do you really consider it to be a short walk home? I can’t imagine walking that far in the US and thinking of anything I would do just to get home. Are people walking that much in the UK?”

Unsurprisingly, the question, which has already received nearly 6,000 comments since it was posted on Thursday, 19 August, has been inundated with arguments from both Americans and people in the UK about whether a 30-minute walk is acceptable.

Someone from the UK wasn’t sure if the user was joking or not, writing: “30 minutes is only a mile and a half, you’re kidding, right? I take my dog ​​for longer walks.”

To make it clear that her question was serious, the user said, “Most of the US simply aren’t ready to walk.”

“No sidewalks, crazy drivers, just farther. Americans don’t walk. Also, where I’m in Indiana, there’s no public transportation. Indianapolis has it, but it’s rare and unreliable. We drive everywhere. Like in everywhere.

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Another user said in the comments that walking is considered so unnatural in many US states that if you decide to travel on foot, the police may stop you from asking if everything is OK.

One person from the UK said they walk regularly for half an hour even though they consider themselves “incompetent and lazy”.

“I have a car and live in London with buses and trains every few minutes. They said a 30 minute walk is nothing, I wouldn’t think twice.

In 2017, a study by Stanford University found that the average American walks about 4,700 steps per day, about 1,200 steps less than the UK average.

Researchers found a link between activity and the environment, and found that those who lived in more “walkable” areas walked more.

“It’s really greatly influenced by where you live and how easy your environment is to make it active,” he said. health Tim Altoff, lead author of the study. Extensive physical activity data reveal activity inequalities around the world.

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