Ambulante is presenting Afrovisions: Paths to Black in the United States in its 2021 edition

Documentary platform, Outpatient clinics, He will present the courseAfrovisions: Paths of Blackness in the United StatesThat From February 17 to 26It will be available online – for 48 hours on Filminlatino ( – With a catalog dedicated to documentary cinema About the African Diaspora in the United States.

With a statement, Ambulante explains that this program includes productions from Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France, as well as live activities, interviews, and a closing ceremony.

Onlookers Documentary films can be accessed for free From different devices such as computer, mobile phone or tablet.

The course is shaped by four programs that raise questions about the representations in Mexico, of both African-Americans and the civic, national and liberation movements in the United States.

It is a call to broaden the perception of blackness outside and inside our country And Ambulante’s commitment to continue to expand dialogue on aesthetic expressions and cultural manifestations of communities of African descent, ”Ambulante details.

We wonder how we do not reduce the Afro-American political mobilization to its more militant side without eliminating the global resonance of its radical activity; How to incorporate expressions of black popular culture without making room for the formalization of race; Julian Etienne, Ambulant programmer, explains how people are not reduced to substance without evading the historical characteristics of ethnic identity.

Ambulante: A Catalog of Documentaries and Short Films

In the course, there were titles like “I’m not your nigga”(2016) ,ocumental que reflexiona acerca de la violencia racial en Estados Unidos a partir de la obra del escritor y activista James Baldwin y dos películas de la realizadora Madeline Anderson, conocida como la primera mujer afroamericana en producer’s dirigir unocumental televisado en United State.

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There has also been a short film program sponsored by Maori Holmes, founder of the Blackstar Film Festival, an important film forum made by the African diaspora.

In addition to the documentary gallery, Online activities will include speakers of African descent To expand dialogue on blackness in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America. The course will end with a closing digital ceremony from Nochenegra, a mobile music initiative founded in 2017.

For this session, Ambulante collaborated with the United States Embassy in Mexico, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African-American History and Culture, and the BlackStar Film Festival.

Ambulante: The surnames that will be part of the cycle

  • “I am not your black”Produced by Raul Beck, Produced by the United States, France, Belgium and Switzerland (2016).
  • Black PantherGenera Farda, produced in France (1968).
  • Tribute to Malcolm XBy Madeline Anderson, produced in the United States (1969).
  • “I am someone”Written by Madeline Anderson, US production (1970).
  • ‘Perika’Produced by Nisanit Chiger Produced by Ethiopia and USA (2019).
  • “Techno melt”Written by Jane Nikko, UK production (2019).
  • “Oklahoma is black”Produced by Melinda James and Tatiana Fadlalizadeh in US production (2019).
  • “T”, By Keisha Ray Witherspoon, it was produced in the United States (2019).

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