Amazon Speakers Now Detecting Robbery And Playing Dog Barking To Scare Thieves

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Amazon launched a new subscription service in the US called Alexa Guard Plus.

Guard Plus, which you can rent for $ 5 a month or $ 49 a year From this web page, Turns Echo Smart Speakers and Echo Show into home security devices capable of detecting thieves in the home.

With a Guard Plus subscription, you can call 911 through your Echo saying “Alexa, call for help”. You can also receive alerts on your mobile phone when the speakerphone detects sounds that seem to come from an intruder, such as footsteps, closed doors, or broken glass while you are away from home (if you have previously set the mode outside).

Once the notification reaches you, you can play what Alexa heard, access live audio from your home, or whistle through the speaker to scare away the intruder. If you also have Alexa-connected smart lights and cameras, you can turn them on or play a dog barking sound at Detect movement outside your home.

Amazon also offers a free version of Guard that allows smart lights to automatically turn on and off (To look like you are at home), As well as sending notifications when Detection Sounds From Smoke detectors, detectors Carbon monoxide and Break glass.

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