Amazon Prime Video shows off epic how-to shoots

While Season 2 continues to shoot, Amazon Prime Video just got involved How are rings of power madeplatform exclusive content which includes never-before-seen photos from his star series. It is available in the x-ray department.

There are eight parts in all, revealing first-line information about each episode of Season 1, from setting creation and special effects to costumes and character makeup. And you can access them all while enjoying them.

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Available now on the platform

this content Available via X-Ray, an option included with Amazon Prime Video Which, while playing a series or movie, displays general questions, exclusive content, information about the cast, and the soundtrack. It will be enough to pause playback and it will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.

The first preview of the bonus content shows how they forged a Concept art, costumes, props, various creatures, and set creation, incl Nomenor and Khazad-dum. Also, it shows the respect that the entire cast and crew had for JRR Tolkien’s history and legacy..

It also includes Interviews with exhibitors JD Payne and Patrick McKay and with cast members Murvid Clark, Nazanin Boniadi, Ishmael Cruz Cordova, Lloyd Owen, Maxim Baldry and Tiro Mhavdin, among many others.

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work behind

Behind the scenes of “Rings of Power”.

Amazon Prime Video

Our team went through thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes footage to develop it Clips that highlight the passion and care that went into creating key moments in the series.”said Craig Mueller, executive director in charge of X-rays.

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Mueller also explained that these segments follow the course of the series, from the opening scene of the first episode to the most shocking moments in the final episode.

You see some creative iterations that the production team went through And you hear how the cast and crew brought every scene and character to life.” “We show a lot of detailLike the process of creating armor that looks worn out and mended through the characters’ journey.”


The first season of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power It was a complete success and the platform itself revealed that more than 100 million people around the world have watched it. Opening day, production It attracted more than 25 million viewers worldwidebecoming the biggest premiere in Amazon Prime Video history.

league He recently started filming his second season, and move to the UK to cut costs. It is not yet known when the new episodes will be released.

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