Amazon plans to close 3 warehouses in the UK, and will provide relocation

EFE.- The American multinational e-commerce company Amazon plans to close three warehouses in the United Kingdom, but is committed to relocating the 1,200 affected employees, its spokesman announced on Tuesday.

British affiliate A consultation process has begun to finalize these closures, which it indicates are responsive to new operational needs.

The source explained that the factories proposed to be closed are located in Hemel Hempstead, Doncaster (England) and Gourock, western Scotland.

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Amazon will close 3 warehouses but will provide transportation for affected workers

Meanwhile, Amazon plans to open two new logistics centers in the English cities of Bedmore and Durham, With the creation of 2,500 job opportunities in the next three years.

“We continually evaluate our network to ensure it meets our business needs and to improve the experience for our employees and customers.”“, announced the spokesperson.

As part of this process, the company may decide to close its old locations, improve others, or open new locations, he said.

“All employees affected by the closure consultations will have the opportunity to transfer to other facilities.”The source confirms.

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