Alliance for Development in Democracy Summit highlights the Dominican Republic

Since the day before, Presidents Luis Abenader, Laurentino Cortizo and Carlos Alvarado have focused on addressing issues of common concern and priority for their countries’ foreign policy, among them sustainable development, environment, trade, migration and security. ..

At the dinner that started the meeting, the Dominican Head of State described the Alliance for Development in Democracy (ADD) made up of the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica as successful and predicted many successes in the future.

Likewise, he called on his counterparts to work together for the benefit of their countries in order to develop businesses in a coordinated manner that generates new opportunities but above all, new jobs.

“I know that a lot of positive things will come from here and we will continue to come together to face all problems and develop tremendous opportunities,” the president said.

The trilateral meeting continues on Saturday and it is expected this afternoon, the signing of a joint statement between the presidents and the presentation of the statements to the press.

The ADD of Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic was created by the heads of state of those countries on September 22 within the framework of the United Nations General Assembly.

After the first meeting in New York, Abenader, Alvarado and Cortizo met in Panama City, when they adopted the Declaration of the Alliance, which focused on three axes: political dialogue, cooperation, and the economy.

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