All3Media has acquired the distribution arm of NENT Studios UK

For Nordic, the sale follows the announced path for NENT Studios to focus on producing novels for Viaplay and abandon the unwritten distribution and entertainment business, bands and events.

To compete, grow and expand. Under this principle that defines the current state of the increasingly global audiovisual business, mergers and acquisitions of large companies continue to emerge.

The Latest: On Friday, June 11, Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) announced the sale of its UK-based content distribution company NENT Studios (formerly DRG) to All3Media.

As explained by NENT Group, the sale is in line with its ambitions to focus NENT Studios on fictional content for its streaming service Viaplay, which will be available in at least 15 countries by 2023.

Currently, the UK distributor arm of NENT Studios distributes more than 10,000 hours of content, including such high-profile titles as Doc MartinAnd the cryingAnd the Yorkshire Fit s Don’t tell the bride.

In addition, he is developing the original production. The first ad is a thriller movie Close to meAnd the In co-production with dopamine.

All3Media, a film, film and television digital production and distribution company, already owns more than 40 companies in the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.

Gabriel Katrina, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of NENT Group commented: “All3Media’s position as a global distributor and storyteller makes it the ideal home for NENT Studios’ UK distribution business.”

in 2020, NENT . Group announced Its intention is to reorganize NENT Studios to focus on producing fictional content for Viaplay and divest NENT Studios’ unregistered investments in the entertainment, domain, and event production business.

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Financial details of the NENT Studios UK deal were not disclosed. NENT Group retains its stake in its UK joint venture with FilmNation Entertainment.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, NENT Group is the leading broadcasting company in the Nordic region and its vision is to become the “Champion of European Broadcasting”.

Their Viaplay service is available in all Nordic countries, as well as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. OTT will be launched in Poland and the US in 2021 and in the Netherlands in 2022, with new markets in 2023.

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