All Windows 10 features that you wouldn’t be able to use if you didn’t pay and activate the system

Windows is a file Most used operating system The world for computers. Still, there are users They still doubt whether it is a payment system or if it is free And what options does it present according to the exchange made. and that is , Those people who have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed on their PCSince the launch of Windows 10, they have gained access to this version for free. This promotion Officially finished On July 30, 2016, but still today You can get Windows 10 for free Completely legal in some cases.

However, if you go to the official Microsoft Store page, you can see that Windows 10 Home is priced at 145 euros, while the Pro version is priced at 259 euros. And all this also raises another question:It is necessary to activate Windows 10, as the notifications that the system sends to us suggest? You can install Windows 10 on your computer while leaving it pending activation (when installing the operating system they ask you to enter the product key and this step you can decide to skip and do later or not at all).

What cannot be done without activating Windows 10

If you do not activate Windows 10, there will be certain functions that you will not be able to use. here they are:

  • Personalization customization: As indicated on the Microsoft website, if we do not activate Windows 10, we will not be able to access our PC customization. This means you cannot change the default settings for the Start menu.
  • Changes to lock screens or desktop wallpaperFrom configuration, you will not be able to make changes to these screens to customize them with photos or images to your liking (although they can be changed from a picture directly or from the Photos app).

  • Change text fonts: Without activating Windows 10, you will not be able to search for the font of text you prefer in your operating system software.

  • Advanced use of the taskbarMicrosoft is preparing in Windows 10 news to expand options Taskbar, Which will allow the user to access a file from one of those applications with the option to “open file location”. Another new to the taskbar is that Microsoft plans to remove options from the context menu and will take some options to Settings. Taskbar options in Settings cannot be accessed if Windows 10 is not activated, so users who use it without activation will have less customization ability when the search bar is hidden.

  • Use Microsoft account services to sync settings between devices: If you use a Microsoft account (Outlook or Hotmail) to sync files and settings between computers, Windows 10 will not allow these connections while it is disabled. Therefore, you cannot use Microsoft’s account services to sync settings between devices until you activate your operating system.
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In addition to all this, it must be said that the performance of the operating system is not affected if you do not activate Windows 10.

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