All the stray badges and how to get them (website)

We show you all the collectible Stray badges and what you have to do to get them all in your game. Some of them have special requirements and some are obtained in the story.

The Plates she collectible More specifically we can enter stray. These strange badges or badges are obtained all over seasons from the game According to different parameters and conditions Adding them all also opens a file cup pins And he carried it as a decoration in our cat’s backpack.

If you want to know How to get all capsin this section of Our complete guide We will show you the 6 Available for I have no problems When it comes to making it.

sheet music

weird badge


rind of the plant


cat badge


police badge


To find the entrance to the dungeon mentioned above, go to the window The store that sells jackets And have a look at The alley is on the rightIt’s just what we show you below:


Go down this alley as fast as you can jump to the temple He is on the right. From there keep jumping between vent boxes to get some aboveresident Coverage With it you can slip through a two-bar window into the hive.

nico badge


for Find the worker key You have to go far enough through the class to get to the section you’re in Factory. Then, later you will come to a point where you open a portal and go to the corridor where boxes from right to left. Follow this clip until you have to jump to drums into the water and look to your right, only where we direct you below:


If you jump into this scrap heap You will find the worker key. Once with her you just have to go back to her Give it to the robot who was leaning on the factory railing.

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