All the news that has arrived

During the month of October, WhatsApp launched and introduced many interesting new features, and it is one of the months with the highest number of updates.

All the news that WhatsApp introduced and launched in October

October is coming to an end and it’s time for a review All news received on WhatsApp These past few weeks, and they are not few. If during September WhatsApp showed many new features, such as the application for iPad or compatibility with third-party applications, in October we also got significant improvements.

WhatsApp news for October

We are facing a A very important month in the history of WhatsApp Since the messaging app has introduced and released many important new features. Every now and then, the app shows that it is working hard to improve.

New WhatsApp design

WhatsApp has almost completely changed its UI in its latest update. Design in it Green and black colors It stands out and replaces the blue color we always had in the iPhone app.

One of the departments that has changed the most is Settings, which has now been replaced by a more personal profile. Now we have our big picture in the middle and three big icons: Privacy, Profile, and Contacts. Below we have a list of all the settings.

New WhatsApp design on iPhone

This is what the new WhatsApp app looks like on iPhone

Stickers with artificial intelligence

Another interesting feature that arrived on WhatsApp in October is artificial intelligence functionality. The first to officially launch for some users are AI stickers. We can create Artificial Intelligence sticker just by identifying it and being able to send it via WhatsApp. The function is available under the Stickers tab.

AI Stickers: Now you can create a custom sticker that represents the perfect idea or idea for your conversation

WhatsApp AI stickers image

Create your own stickers thanks to WhatsApp AI

Multiple accounts on the same phone

one of The most important changes in the history of WhatsApp. The application now allows us to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. We’ll need a second single-SIM phone or dual-SIM device that we can add from Settings > Account > Add account.

We offer the ability to log in with two WhatsApp accounts at the same time. It’s useful to be able to switch between your accounts, for example, work and personal. Now you no longer need to log out every time you stop using a device, carry two phones with you, or worry about sending messages from the wrong account.

Promotional image for WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows you to use two or more accounts in the same app

Voice messages are heard only once

We already had messages that self-destructed and now WhatsApp has brought this functionality to Voice Notes. That is, you can now send audio notes that can only be heard once, and once they are listened to, they will be deleted.

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New text formats

For a long time on WhatsApp we have been able to write in bold, italics or strikethrough, and now the app is preparing to introduce new formats, currently in beta. New WhatsApp text formats will provide insertion options Blocks of code, quotes and lists, both regular and scalar. These new text formatting tools are under development and will be available very soon.

WhatsApp screenshot

This is what the new text messaging functionality in WhatsApp looks like

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