Alfred Hitchcock lands on Netflix: Stage to attend series of his “39 ​​Steps”

Alfred Hitchcock She is one of the great names in the history of world cinema of all time. So it is not surprising that her creations over the years have inspired others. Nor are they staying that way now. It is what must be believed Netflix, Since the statute flow Immersed in a new project in it It will become a limited series The 39 steps, The Movie With Hitchcock he made an adaptation a novel Adventures of the same name John Buchan On 1935.

Although it will be Set today, The new Netflix series will build on the plot of the movie Richard HannayOrdinary guy, that’d come out Submerged Suddenly in prof Conspiracy what are you expecting Change the order of thingsAfter the shooting and fighting caused panic in his London theater, a frightened woman asked if she could go with him. You will soon discover that the mysterious woman turns into A. A persecuted intelligence agent By some guys who They intend to assassinate her, After claiming to have discovered it Conspiracy With the purpose Stealing some important UK military secrets.

Benedict CumberbatchWho can we see on Mauritanian, Chosen to be subcutaneous the hero of the story It is from this series that he will direct Edward Berger, who has already worked with the actor in the series Movistar + Patrick Melrose, Written by the screenwriter Midnight skyMark L. Smith.

At the moment, no further details have been known about this new project that Netflix is ​​already working on, according to Limit. We will continue to inform …

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