Alexia of the Netherlands: the princess who is the polar opposite of Leonor, the future Queen of Spain | TV and show

The princesses attend the same prestigious institute in Wales, however, although they are in line for the throne, their lives are completely different. While one lives under restrictions, the second has secret social media accounts and even participated in rallies.

Alexia of the Netherlands and Princess Leonor of Spain share things in common, such as the fact that they are part of important royal families in Europe, are respectively on the throne of their country and attend the prestigious UWC College of the Atlantic where they are classmates.

However, the life of the “royals” is completely different. while princess Eleanor Living at a young age with various constraints preparing to do her job as Queen of Spain, Alexiawho is second in line to the Dutch throne, stands out more as Europe’s more free-spirited rebellious princess, which is reflected in the various situations in which she plays the title role.

Alexia from Holland | RVD – Erwin Olaf

Alexia of Holland: The Rebellious Princess

Princess Alexia of the Netherlands is the second daughter of King William and his wife Queen Maxima, and therefore second in line to the throne, led by her sister Amalia.

The 16-year-old Dutchwoman joined the Princess of Asturias in 2021 at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, where they are both studying for the International Baccalaureate.

according to Vanity FairAlexia follows in the footsteps of her father, who was a student at the same school and is now her patron, somewhat different from her sister Princess Amalia, who continues to study in The Hague.

At the age of 15, she began to stand out, not only for being a member of the royal family, but also for the beauty she inherited from her mother and the style she wears in every photo she must take with her family.

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She also stands out for being the “rebellious princess”, which reminds Harry of his youth, when he was also second in line to the UK throne.

Alexia from Holland attends UWC
koninklijkhuis | Instagram

This is because in 2018 it was discovered that the princess has a secret instagram account, but it wasn’t just an account, but on this account he shared his clothes and invited his followers to comment on it, stating “Wow!” or “nah!” To the taste of each user.

This was discovered after many of the outfits that appeared coincided with the outfits Alexia de Hollanda was wearing in her public appearance photos.

Leonor and Alexia: The Constraints of the Future Queen

The Princess’s costume profile wasn’t the only account Alexia had, as she used a second account to defame a fake profile picture of her, urging them to upload a “selfie”, with the aim of proving it was a fake account. , the magazine reported Condé Nast.

Something very different from what her classmate, Leonor de Asturias, heiress to the throne of Spain, daughter of Philip and Leticia, the current kings, is experiencing.

He recently attended his second solo event, his first without a mask since the pandemic began.

In this place I watched a talk about enjoying the internet safely in high school and FP, Leonor doesn’t have an internet connection, at least during the week.

as commented the worldDuring the conversation, 38 students who were at the event, who slept with the phone in their bedroom, were asked if the phone was the first thing they saw when they woke up or if they had done their homework with the phone in hand.

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Princess Eleanor of Spain
His Majesty’s House

Most of the students raised their hands to the questions, but Princess Leonor did not raise her hand in any of the cases, this is because she cannot access the Internet during the week, due to the strict rules imposed by the Spanish House and specifically, her mother, the sender Marie Claire.

Several videos with the young woman have been uploaded on TikTok and this is probably the only one she is starring in on the platform, since she does not have access to this type of platform either.

Vanity Fair He explained that the monarchs, Leticia and Felipe, fear that “by using applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram to communicate with their friends and classmates, their private lives will be exposed to the public.”

Something completely different from the reality of Alexia, who had no trouble acting in more than one video on Tiktok. It was in 2020 when she appeared playing rapper Flo Millie with her friends and participated in other videos with her guys.

Differences in Elite School

But not only the princess’s access to social networks shows the differences, because while Leonor maintains a conservative profile, Alexia even participated in a climate change demonstration.

He reported that the situation, in which Princess Leonor would likely never be seen, showed Alexia of Holland with her companions holding a poster with a drawing of the Earth and they were screaming without a mask. Huffington Post.

This wasn’t the only event Alexia was spotted at, as she also participated in the UWC Atlantic College Queer Week, with the goal of highlighting the LGTBQ+ community.

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The activity included various activities, even a lingerie show in which the princess actively participated vanity.

According to the media, “the middle daughter of Guillermo and Maxima actively participated in that party with her classmates, and even put pictures with her friends in scanty clothes, and ended up publishing some pictures on Instagram and the media.”

A specialist in the Dutch royal family, Rick Evers, stated in this regard, “This is a minor girl who did not choose her position or the interest that comes with it. Fortunately, Princess Alexia herself usually does not mind the leakage of such photos.”

And although Leonor is Alexia’s classmate, no photos of her have been published at the “Gay Week” celebrations, which indicates that she still cares about her privacy, as her parents constantly plant her.

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